Aguaje Powder

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Wild crafted Gluten free Vegan Non-GMO
  • PREMIUM & PURE: Also known as Buriti Powder, it promotes vitality and overall well-being thanks to its hormone-balancing properties.
  • PREMIUM AGUAJE: Wild-crafted, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Non-GMO.
  • GROWN IN ITS PLACE OF ORIGIN, the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest.
  • VERSATILE & EASY TO USE: It's a great nutritional addition to smoothies & juices, baked & non-baked goods, yogurt & cereal, ice cream & popsicles, and more!


Organic & Pure Superfood

We obtain premium quality aguaje from their place of origin, the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest, where these yellow-fleshed fruits thrive in tropical wetlands on moriche palm trees.

Nutrient-Packed and Earthy Aguaje Powder

Our aguaje fruits undergo minimal processing consisting of organic dehydration and fine grinding to produce a highly-concentrated, nutritious powder.

A great addition to your active lifestyle!


HerbaZest Aguaje Powder is not only nutritious, but also a quick and easy addition to everyday diet. Because of its versatility and neutral flavor, it can enrich a wide variety of homemade meals, including:

  • Smoothies & juices
  • Baked & non-baked goods
  • Yogurt & cereal
  • Ice cream & popsicles

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
lilian barral
Very Nutritious

I realy like the flavor of the product

Amazon Customer
Its real

Exactly aguaje fruit powder thanks it works differently on individual but for women it works to fight smelling monthly circle, No more abdominal pain,No more smelling discharge etc. mostly the curvy

I like this.. so good.

Health food

few days taking it

I got this so I can grow my butt with exercise and good diet, some people don't understand that the shell of the fruits have a lot of nutrients even if it doesn't taste good. I blend it with water, take a deep breath and swallow it all, I hope this works, if not I might try it on pills.

Faith Ola

Omg I wish I knew about this supplement before I discovered Maca
I wanted to take this for a least a month before making a review. For the first 1-2 weeks of taking this, I stopped taking all my other supplements so I could see the effects clearly.
Well first, the taste is mildly fruity. Not strong at all
I tried 3 different methods of dissolving this powder
1. Mixing it with water or juice ( its best to shake it in a closed bottle or mason jar or there will be chunks still left over/separated from the water)
2. In a hot tea (dissolves a lot faster)
3. Blender ( blending with a fresh pressed juice gave me the best results so far, barely any powder residue, havent tried it with a smoothie yet)
When I first started taking this I noticed that I was sleeping more often. Im not usually able to take daily naps but I would notice almost an instant calming effect after using it.
I am someone who is already naturally curvy because of genetics but this took my body to a new level. I noticed that after using this for a few weeks, my hips started to fill in more. I had noticeable hip dips and now everything looks fuller. My waist is snatched, my glutes are more round and shaped, & yoni is juicer. You MAY gain weight using this, I gained a few. So be mindful of your eating habits and try to maintain a workout routine of some sort if you want the weight to go in the right places. As for my periods, since Ive only been using it for a month I didnt really notice anything drastically change, maybe I will notice after awhile. I dont need to take Maca anymore since using this, they have similar benefits but Ive noticed that Maca can be a bit too much for me bc of the excess amount of energy it gives me. I like Aguaje better. Also, I would like to add that I love how this has 90 servings and u only need 1 tbsp a day so it will last for awhile before needing to replenish. I might make a tincture out of this for easier consumption. Ill give another update if I see any other changes