Quinua en Hojuelas

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USDA Organic Libre de gluten Vegano Non-GMO
  • BUEN CONTENIDO DE PROTEÍNA: Su riqueza en nutrientes esenciales la convierten en una opción rápida y fácil para disfrutar de una comida saludable.
  • 1 LB (16 oz/ 454 g) de Hojuelas de Quinua Premium: Vegano, USDA Certificado Orgánico, Libre de Gluten y Libre de GMO.
  • CULTIVADO EN SU LUGAR DE ORIGEN, los Andes peruanos y obtenido directamente de los agricultores.
  • FÁCIL DE USAR: Son una gran adición nutricional al yogurt y cereal, granola y muesli, alimentos horneados y no horneados, ¡y más!


Superalimento 100% Orgánico y Puro

Nuestra quinua, de la más alta calidad, se cosecha en las altitudes en los Andes peruanos, su lugar de origen. Los suelos de la región, ricos en nutrientes y el clima subtropical crean las condiciones ideales para su crecimiento.

Una Opción Rápida y Fácil Para Una Comida Saludable

Al someter a la quinua a un procesamiento mínimo, que solo consiste en hacer rodar las semillas de quinua cruda, podemos preservar sus características nutricionales y obtener así hojuelas versátiles y apetitosas.

¡Una gran adición para tu activo estilo de vida!


La Quinua en Hojuelas HerbaZest es solo nutritiva, sino que también es una opción rápida y fácil de usar para disfrutar de un alimento saludable. Debido a su agradable sabor y suave textura, se puede agregar fácilmente a la rutina diaria en una variedad de comidas, tales como:

  • Yogurt y cereal
  • Granola y muesli
  • Alimentos horneados y no horneados
  • Batidos y jugos

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Changing it Up

I've been experimenting with this ingredient in my cooking for a few weeks now, and it's been quite an adventure! I initially ordered it with the intention of making some changes to my recipes, and I even found a cookie recipe online that I wanted to try. When I first tasted the ingredient on its own, I wasn't a big fan, but I didn't give up. I started adding different things, like honey and strawberries, and the combination could have been better! It might not completely replace my beloved oatmeal, but it's a great option when I'm trying to eat healthier. I also tried adding it to spaghetti sauce, and it didn't change the taste at all. I still have to try the original recipe I found, but I'm pretty happy with the quality, even though the price is steep for 2 lbs. HerbaZest Quinoa Flakes (2 LB) - USDA Certified Organic - Vegan, Non-GMO & Gluten Free

So many uses

Quinoa Flakes are a welcome addition to my food pantry. There are so many uses from baking and cerea to use as a thickener. Plus it is organic and gluten free. What is not to love. And there are additional uses on the back of the bag. That is. a great price for such a big bag. HerbaZest Quinoa Flakes (2 LB) - USDA Certified Organic - Vegan, Non-GMO & Gluten Free

Not bad, good quality Quinoa, 2lbs worth, but a bit high priced for the amount

I've been using this for the past week in multiple dishes, and it seems on par with most other quinoa flakes that i've tried. I actually prefer whole quinoa over the flakes. The quality is good, and you get 2lbs total. That's a nice amount, but I still feel for being quinoa, the price might be a bit steep. You can use the flakes in many different type of dishes of course, to get a boost in nutrition. Well done, price is a bit high though.

It's more about the fiber than the flavor

The bag arrived airtight fresh with a zip lock to reseal. I wanted to try the flakes with just water, like "quinoameal" instead of oatmeal (per the instructions on the package). At first, I had some raw (nothing added) and like quinoa, it was not bad. I usually add a little seasoning to quinoa for flavor, but in this case, I added fruit as I would oatmeal, and it was good. I ordered this product more for the dietary value, especially the fiber. What's more, even after doubling the suggested size, I felt satisfied without feeling bloated. I have no complaints about the HerbaZest Quinoa Flakes.

looks great

I haven't tried this yet, but - it's organic, has no other ingredients, has clear instructions, and seems sealed well with an expiration date that's a year and a half from the time I received it. I'm happy so far!