Hojas de Stevia

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  • SUSTITUTO DEL AZÚCAR: La stevia se ha utilizado tradicionalmente como edulcorante natural durante cientos de años y muchos de sus beneficios han sido científicamente probados.
  • 6 oz (170 g) de hojas enteras de stevia.
  • PREMIUM Y NATURAL: Nuestras hojas de stevia se recogen manualmente y se secan al sol en el clima subtropical de Perú. Este paso concentra su dulzura natural y prolonga su vida útil.
  • FÁCIL DE USAR: Agregar 3-5 hojas de stevia a una taza junto con el té, verter agua caliente y dejar reposar durante 5 minutos. También se puede utilizar para endulzar otras bebidas, como el café, la limonada y los batidos.
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Endulzante 100% puro

Nuestras hojas de stevia provienen de la región subtropical de Perú, con suelos fértiles, abundante luz solar y la humedad ambiental perfecta para su crecimiento.

Hojas de stevia enteras de primera calidad

Una vez que alcanzan el tamaño ideal, las hojas de stevia se recogen manualmente y se secan al sol, para luego ser cuidadosamente tamizadas. Este paso concentra su dulzura natural y prolonga su vida útil.

¡Una gran adición para un estilo de vida saludable!


Las hojas de stevia de HerbaZest son secadas al sol, por lo que conservan su dulzura natural y se pueden usar fácilmente como sustituto del azúcar de la siguiente manera:

  • Agregar 3-5 hojas de stevia a una taza junto con el té, verter agua caliente y dejar reposar durante 5 minutos antes de beber.
  • Se pueden usar para endulzar otras bebidas, tales como café, limonada y batidos.

Customer Reviews

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Terrilynne Walker

They're okay but look like they've been eaten by bugs before being dried. They still get sweet and I bought by weight so it works.

Pure delicate sweetness

No aftertaste of its own like grown in India stevia I tried. These Peru pure leaves sweeten without overpowering the tea taste itself. Actually, they bring out the tea flavor, coffee as well if you like sweetened coffee. I throw several leaves into a press together with loose tea leaves and keep getting sweet tea even on the second and third steep. The press plunger easily filters out the leaves along with the tea. Suppose can be easily crushed into powder, but can't imagine why. Locals in Central/South Americas chew the leaves, but do not swallow. Think the fibers are not easily digestible. The powdered stevia is made with chemicals that break down the leaf and stem fiber. Not good. These leaves are all natural and sun dried. To bake a pie, I'd brew leaves in hot water for 3-5 min, then add the sweet liquid to the pie instead of sugar and water. Need to experiment a bit with the amount, but it does not take much. 3 or 4 leaves are plenty for a 16 oz mug of tea for 3 brews. Good value, a lot of leaves for the money.

HerbaZest Sun-Dried Stevia Leaves

I'm constantly on the lookout for sugar alternatives, and I've found a fantastic solution for sweetening my tea without the need for actual sugar. While I typically enjoy my tea plain, there are times when I crave a different taste, and this sweetener does an excellent job of satisfying that need. The quantity it comes with is impressive, ensuring it will last me for quite a while. I'm delighted to have discovered this reliable and versatile sweetening alternative.

A lot of leaves.

I've tried stevia in powder form but never tried leaves before, so I actually don't have any basis to compare this to. I don't like using any sweetener for my tea as I enjoy the bitterness, so I tried this in my smoothie. At first, I put these leaves in water for a while and then used that water to make a smoothie, but later, I just put a tiny bit of leaves into the blender with other greens and milk. I wasn't sure how much to put and how sweet this can be, but oh, this can definitely add sweetness. You probably want to try a bit, then add more if needed. I think this will last me for a long long time, and I prefer the leaves over the powder now!

Nancy Pederson
Best Stevia Leaves Ever!

These stevia leaves are the best I've ever used. I've been using stevia leaves to sweeten my tea for more than ten years. I've tried a lot of different brands. I've had them whole. I've had them cut. I've even grown my own and dried them. But these stevia leaves beats them all for flavor and sweetness. A little goes a long way. I put some leaves in a tea ball in the morning, and then I use it in tea throughout the day. I drink different types of tea throughout each day, about six cups, and I use that same ball of stevia leaves in each cup of tea. There is still plenty of flavor and sweetness for my last cup of tea at the end of the day.