Quinua en Hojuelas

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USDA Organic Libre de gluten Vegano Non-GMO
  • BUEN CONTENIDO DE PROTEÍNA: Su riqueza en nutrientes esenciales la convierten en una opción rápida y fácil para disfrutar de una comida saludable.
  • 1 LB (16 oz/ 454 g) de Hojuelas de Quinua Premium: Vegano, USDA Certificado Orgánico, Libre de Gluten y Libre de GMO.
  • CULTIVADO EN SU LUGAR DE ORIGEN, los Andes peruanos y obtenido directamente de los agricultores.
  • FÁCIL DE USAR: Son una gran adición nutricional al yogurt y cereal, granola y muesli, alimentos horneados y no horneados, ¡y más!


Superalimento 100% Orgánico y Puro

Nuestra quinua, de la más alta calidad, se cosecha en las altitudes en los Andes peruanos, su lugar de origen. Los suelos de la región, ricos en nutrientes y el clima subtropical crean las condiciones ideales para su crecimiento.

Una Opción Rápida y Fácil Para Una Comida Saludable

Al someter a la quinua a un procesamiento mínimo, que solo consiste en hacer rodar las semillas de quinua cruda, podemos preservar sus características nutricionales y obtener así hojuelas versátiles y apetitosas.

¡Una gran adición para tu activo estilo de vida!


La Quinua en Hojuelas HerbaZest es solo nutritiva, sino que también es una opción rápida y fácil de usar para disfrutar de un alimento saludable. Debido a su agradable sabor y suave textura, se puede agregar fácilmente a la rutina diaria en una variedad de comidas, tales como:

  • Yogurt y cereal
  • Granola y muesli
  • Alimentos horneados y no horneados
  • Batidos y jugos

Customer Reviews

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Julie Diane

Cooks quickly like oatmeal in the microwave. Although I occasionally cook quinoa as a breakfast cereal, I prefer these flakes.

yoseph bey
Great Product

Product is Good, 2nd time ordering

Jan C
Great protein for my home made granola!

It is hard to find quinoa flakes so glad Amazon carries it. I only use it for granola. It is a cereal and can be cooked on the stove top, but it is too mushy for me.

Digital Donkey
The Breakfast of Champions and Health Gurus Alike

Quinoa Flakes Organic not just a mouthful to say but a delightful mouthful to savor. These tiny, unassuming flakes are like the Clark Kent of superfoods. You might overlook them on a grocery shelf, but once they're part of your breakfast routine, they reveal their superhero status. These are the flakes that could probably out-bench-press your regular cereal. Let's cut to the chase: taste. These quinoa flakes have a subtle, nutty flavor that's more understated elegance than in-your-face flamboyance. They're the kind of breakfast that whispers sweet nothings of health and vitality as you eat them. Add them to hot water or milk, and they transform into a comforting porridge that hugs you from the inside. Perfect for those mornings when you need a little extra TLC before facing the world. Nutrient-rich? Oh, absolutely. It's like someone took all the good things from the health food world and compressed them into flake form. High in protein, full of fiber, and rich in essential amino acids it's like a multivitamin decided to reinvent itself as a breakfast food. These flakes are so wholesome, they could probably do your taxes and walk your dog. The convenience factor is off the charts. These quinoa flakes cook faster than you can say 'superfood'. In just a few minutes, you've got a meal that's ready to power you through the day. It's the culinary equivalent of a quick-change artist, perfect for those who don't have the time to simmer their aspirations along with their breakfast. And let's not forget the versatility. They play well with others fruits, nuts, honey, or even a dollop of yogurt. They're the ideal base for whatever culinary masterpieces (or last-minute thrown-together meals) you want to create. TL;DR: Quinoa Flakes Organic are the unassuming heroes of the breakfast world. Nutritious, delicious, and quicker than a speeding bullet, they're ready to elevate your morning routine to stratospheric levels of health and efficiency.

Wonderful in hot cereal mix

I enjoy quinoa flakes once in awhile in a hot cereal mix I make. They taste best when toasted in the oven first, otherwise they taste a bit green. Toasting the quinoa gives more depth of flavor and takes away the green taste. Toasted quino flakes work well as a substitute in oatmeal cookies too!